Power Skill Training is a force-free dog trainer team that is dedicated to providing responsible, compassionate, and enrichment-based obedience and behavioral help, puppy training, and dog walking for our clients. We offer a wide range of training services that are highly customizable to meet the needs of every individual dog. Check out our services and pricing page for more information!

At Power Skill Training, we specialize in:

Pre-Adoption Consultations
New Puppy Consultations
House Training
Obedience Training
Leash Manners
Building confidence
Separation Distress
Leash Frustration and Reactivity
Dog-Dog Reactivity
Resource Guarding
Handling Sensitivities
Fear of People
Prey Drive
Multi-Dog Households
Introductions to New Family Members (animal or human) - puppy training.
Enrichment and Exercise

If you don’t see your concern listed here, please feel free to inquire further.

Community and Education

As a part of the diverse profession of positive-reinforcement dog training, we at Power Skill Training strive to foster open dialogue about behavioral research, training techniques, and ethics, that strengthens our community and furthers the goal of humane relationships between humans and their dogs. In keeping with this goal, we offer a sliding-scale apprenticeship program for those interested in learning more about dog behavior, body-language, and training.