Dog Park Adventure Series: Thousand Acres/Sandy River Delta

Address: Crown Point Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060 Fenced: No Size Segregated: N/A How many sections: N/A Water: No (except river) Size: XL Note on location: This park isn’t so much a dog park as it is a giant nature area where dogs can roam freely. It has significant natural barriers between it and the road, […]

Dog Park Adventure Series: Sellwood Park

Address: SE Spokane Street and Oaks Parkway Fenced: No Size Segregated: N/A How many sections: 1 large open area, unofficial beach/paths area Water: No (except river) Size: Medium/Large Note on location: The official off-leash area is right by the parking lot, bounded by the paved walkway. The city park extends maybe a quarter mile down […]

Portland Dog Park Adventure Series: Fernhill Park

Address: 4050 NE Holman St. Portland, OR 97211 Fenced: No Size Segregated: N/A How many sections: 1 large open area Water: Yes (fountain shut off in winter); jugs/bowls by table in off-leash area Size: Large Note on location: Unfenced, and bounded by roads, but none are high-traffic and the park offers plenty of natural barriers […]

Portland Dog Park Adventures: Gabriel Park (Summer and Winter)

Address: Winter: 4115 SW Canby St, Portland, OR 97219                       Summer: 7000-7198 SW 45th Ave, Portland, OR 97219 Fenced: Yes Size Segregated: No How many sections: 1 Water: No, though a lot of folks keep up on bringing jugs of water Size: Medium (Winter)/ Large […]

Should They Stay or Should They Go? Finding the Right Place for Your Dog at the Holidays

Deciding whether or not to have your pup join in on the holiday festivities can be tough. Whether you’re hosting at home or spending time elsewhere, most of us would like to have our pets with us. After all, they usually make our lives richer, funnier, and sweeter, right? But let’s take a step back […]

Who’s Watching the Dog? Finding a Sitter for the Holidays

With the holidays around the corner, you have most likely found a solution for your pet care needs. Sometimes, however, last minute issues arise, and below are some tips for finding a reputable and responsible dog care provider. Remember, the sweet old lady next door may offer a safe home and three squares to your […]

Portland Dog Park Adventure Series: Wallace Park

Address: 1628 NW 25th Ave, Portland, OR 97210 Fenced: Yes Size Segregated: No How many sections: 1 Water: Yes Size: Medium Note on location: In the NE corner of larger Wallace Park. There are often many people, including children, using the rest of the park, so if your dog is not a fan of loud […]

Giardia: Oregon’s Holiday Gift to Dogs and Their Families

Most people associate giardia with backwoods hiking trips and unboiled streamwater. Oregon, always politically correct, rejects this stereotype. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we embrace the scourge of fecal-contaminated water in our backyards, playgrounds and, of course, dog parks! And while most of us may be familiar with the name, and many of us with […]

Portland Dog Park Adventure Series: Normandale Park

Address: 5700 NE Halsey St. Portland, OR 97213 Fenced: Yes Size Segregated: Yes How many sections: 3 Water: Yes Size: Large Note on location: Unfenced area is not for offleash dog fun, and you will get in trouble with rangers if you violate this. Also, you can approach small dog area from 55th, which would […]