Address: Crown Point Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060

Fenced: No
Size Segregated: N/A
How many sections: N/A
Water: No (except river)
Size: XL

Note on location: This park isn’t so much a dog park as it is a giant nature area where dogs can roam freely. It has significant natural barriers between it and the road, and I’ve never had any concerns on that account. It is also not technically in Portland, but is a pretty quick drive.

Weather/Health Considerations: In the winter, it gets quite windy; it’s generally about 5-10 degrees colder then the Portland metro area. If it’s been a wet winter, the river floods almost the entire plain area, so you can only use the woods paths to the west (there’s still plenty of room there, though!).

Training/Enrichment Opportunities: Great place to practice advanced recall work. If there’s water in the river (often dry in summer), a good place for water-retrieval practice. Very large spaces for on-land retrieval work. Opportunities for strengthening obedience and other skills with distraction and distance. Very advanced nosework would be great here. River banks/fallen trees offer fun parkour/agility opportunities.

General Thoughts: Samuel
This is definitely one of my favorite places to take Rick (and one of his favorite places to be). We don’t go too often, as we are limited what we can walk to. It’s not the best choice for young dogs, newly adopted dogs, those prone to flight, or pups who don’t recall or check in with their handler. I would recommend this as a great spot for dogs over 1-2 years and who have been in the home just about that amount of time.

If your pup is ready for this adventure, it will be a great one! There is so much exploring to do, I’ve never known a dog to get bored or disinterested here.

General Thoughts: Rosie
Thousand Acres is probably one of the Portland dog owner’s best resources. It’s a rare space where dogs have almost unlimited freedom to roam and explore, while still being bounded and safe. Yes, it’s not a good idea for those Beagles that put nose-to-ground and never reappear, but for the most part even the less recall-oriented dog is ok here. I love how many different terrains there are for the boys to explore, Fiske digs for rodents in the plain area and Bill often gets gleeful zoomies in the wide open space. You can go just a quarter mile up the trail from the parking lot to the open floodplain and remain there, or if you want some exercise yourself, you can follow the trail to the river and along it, then back through the woods. The full circle is a leisurely 1-1.5 hours. There are homeless camps set far into the brush areas nearer the highway, so just avoid the semi-beaten tracks and stay on the well-worn ones.