Address: 4050 NE Holman St. Portland, OR 97211

Fenced: No

Size Segregated: N/A

How many sections: 1 large open area

Water: Yes (fountain shut off in winter); jugs/bowls by table in off-leash area

Size: Large

Note on location: Unfenced, and bounded by roads, but none are high-traffic and the park offers plenty of natural barriers (trees, hills) to reduce chance of dogs running into streets. The official off-leash area is next to NE 41st Ave, there are posts designating its boundaries. People generally don’t keep their dogs within them, though.

Weather/Health Considerations: Overall, the park seems less muddy than most in Portland during the winter. There are tons of big trees, so in the summer the park is probably nice and shady.

Training/Enrichment Opportunities: The large trees offer interesting nosework terrain, as well as the uneven ground level. These also provide sight barriers, so it would be a good place for advanced recall work.

General Thoughts: Samuel
This was a fun outing for us all. I loved how varied and challenging the terrain was. You can easily create an enriching adventure for your pup, even if there are not many dogs around (we only saw about 5). There’s squirrels to tree, hills to run up and down, and plenty of smells to track down! I am not generally a fan of unfenced, off leash dog areas like this one, so close to the road. But I have to say, the layout of this one really works. I still wouldn’t recommend for wanderers or pups without a solid recall. There’s too many risks due to the location. But if you have a pretty reliable pooch, this is a place to check out! Rick and I will absolutely visit here again!


General Thoughts: Rosie
I really liked this park! It’s very pleasant, quite large, and has an interesting mix area areas for the pups to play. The trees make scent carry in odd ways, so it was a great challenge for Fiske to find his ball when he’d lost it, and I think it’d be great fun to bring nosework supplies here at some point as well. There are also several significant hills, so we threw the ball down them and Fiske and Rick got very efficiently tired out from running back up. We didn’t see any small dogs (besides Bill), but it may have been due to the weather (usually only the most desperate, high-energy dog owners brave the heavy Oregon rain).